Sri Krishna Bhagwan Archana

Sri Krishna Bhagwan Archana

Offering puja to Lord Krishna is one of the decent devotional practices to please Lord Krishna for getting spiritual advantages it helps to develop a spiritual relationship with the Almighty, to acquire Universal Knowledge and positive energy, to control and discipline the mind, to show our limitless love to God and to awaken the love of God.

Lord Krishna was born around 5,200 years ago in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh (also referred to as Dwapar Yuga). He is considered the most mighty avatar of Lord Vishnu.

Key Insights

  • Krishna Puja is conducted mainly by the Hindu population in India.

  • The devotees observe a fast on this day and spend their day worshipping Shri Krishna.

  • In Hindu shastra, Janmashtami fast is considered ‘Vratraj’, which means keeping a fast on this day gives better results than fasts kept the entire year.

  • On this day, the devotees, get up early on Janmashtami and wear clean clothes after taking a bath.

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In Hindu dharma, Lord Vishu’s manifestation Lord Krishna’s birthday is celebrated every year as Janmashtami. This festival is celebrated pan India and abroad as well. The devotees of Lord Krishna display ‘Jhankis’ with bold enthusiasm and worship him. As per Hindu Panchang, Lord Krishna’s birthday is celebrated every year, on ‘Ashtami Tithi’ of ‘Krishan Paksh’ of ‘Bhadrapad’ month; according to the English calendar, it falls in August or September.

Janmashtami celebrations are not much different from other festivals in the sense that it involves a lot of good food, a lot of decoration, a big crowd, gathered around to celebrate and pray in honor. Already having said that, Janmashtami Puja vidhi is significantly different from others, but more on that later. Lord Krishna temples get decorated in every country pooja processions are taken out people observe fast and dedicate their day to the spiritual bhajans and kirtans of Lord Krishna. The puja ritual takes place at midnight in which the statue of Lord Krishna is worshipped. The devotees offer flowers, fruits, and sweets to the Lord and pray for the welfare of their families.


  • to control and discipline the mind

  • to show our limitless love to God

  • for getting spiritual advantages for bettering the life onwards

  • to develop a spiritual relationship with the Almighty