Sri Durga Dev Archana

Sri Durga Dev Archana

Archana is a personal mode of offering your prayers to God or Goddesses performed by temple priests by chanting specific slokas and mantras for the deity, to seek answers for your prayers. As per the custom, the name,gothram (God gothram will be considered if there is no information), and birth star are recited while chanting the Vedic mantras which carry your prayers to the deity.


  • According to folklore, the celebration denotes the triumph of goddess Durga in her fight against the shape-moving asura, Mahishasura.

  •  In this manner, the celebration typifies the triumph of good over malevolence, however, it is added to some extent a collect celebration commending the goddess as the nurturing power behind the entirety of life and creation.

  •  Durga puja harmonizes with Navaratri and Dussehra festivities seen by different customs of Hinduism, in which the Slam lila move show is instituted, praising the triumph of Rama against Ravana, and representations of Ravana are scorched.

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Durga Puja (articulated additionally called Durgotsava (articulated, is a yearly Hindu celebration beginning in the Indian subcontinent which worships and gives proper respect to the Hindu goddess, Durga. It is especially mainstream in the Indian conditions of West Bengal, Assam, Bihar, Tripura, and Odisha, the nation of Bangladesh, and the diaspora from this area, and furthermore in Nepal, where it is commended as Dashain. The celebration is seen in the Indian schedule month of Ashwin, which compares to the long periods of September–October in the Gregorian schedule and is a ten-day celebration, of which the last five are of importance. The puja is acted in homes and in the general population, the last highlighting transitory stage and basic embellishments (known as pandals). 

The celebration is additionally set apart by sacred text recitations, execution expressions, parties, blessing giving, family visits, devouring, and open parades. Durga puja is a significant celebration in the Shaktism convention of Hinduism.


  • Chanting this mantra regularly makes one wise and gives strength.

  •  This mantra outlines the omnipresent nature of Goddess Durga. 

  • Chanting this mantra can help one's inner power to deal with any sort of situation in life.

  • It also encourages the development of just positive thoughts in one's mind.