As per the directional proceedings of our elders, one should perform Sankustapana Karyakrama before starting the construction of a house

Key Insights

  • Main Deity – Goddess Bhumi/ Bhu Devi/motherly earth.

  • Taking permission to dig and construction, eliminating Vastu dosha, removing negative energy, positivity, and growth.

  • Any day compatible with the thidhi and nakshatra the Karta's horoscope.

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Sankustapana is nothing but Laying the foundation stone in the vacant plot.

In different places, this auspicious function has different names like Bhumi Pooja or Boomi Puja or Bumi Puja, rapprochement function, Bedrock ceremony, groundwork celebration, etc. 

According to our elders' directions, we need to perform religious functions at the Bhoomi (Goddess Earth). The five elements viz., Vaayu, Jal, Prithvi, Aakash, and Agni, these Panchabhoothas should be happy in the land.

The earth is most respectable to all of us. We should pay honors to the earth before starting the construction work.

While at the time of home construction, we need to perform Bhoomi Pooja i.e., Sankustapana Pooja.

The resident should perform Vastu Shanthi and Navagraha Shanthi poojas.

Bhumi puja eliminates the hindrances and various sorts of Bhoo doshas.


  • Performing this puja removes the negative energies and invokes positive energies in the place where the construction is happening.

  • Ensures that the construction of the building goes smoothly and prevents untimely incidents.

  • Bhoomi puja ensures blessings and protection from Mother Earth for the well-being of the occupants who will move into the building.

  • Bhoomi puja mitigates and removes Vastu Dosh present in the construction site.