Shani Puja

Shani Puja

Shani Puja or Shani Amavasya is the day when Lord Shani was born. On this day, individuals fast to please Lord Shani to look for his gifts and visit Shani sanctuaries, with the goal that one can get the best of luck and fortune. It is accepted that the place of the Shani in the horoscope should be great so one can get the results of his hard work.

Key Insights

  • Give food made in mustard oil or cloths to needy poor people.

  • Cow and dogs should likewise be taken care of with food made with oil.

  • When looking at Shani's statue or picture, one ought not to see his eyes.

  • To worship Shani Dev, massage the oil on your body before washing.

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Shani is known as the God of justice. It is accepted that Shani Dev gives fortunate or unfortunate outcomes to an individual, as per their activities. Shani Dev or Saturn (as he is referred to according to Astrology) is one of the most famous Hindu Gods who removes obstacles from an individual's life.

Shani Dev was born to Surya Dev (or The Sun God) and Goddess Chhaya (significance shadow) on Vaishakh Vadya Chaturdasi Amavasya.

As per astrology, Saturn is viewed as the God of Justice. It is trusted that because of his solid gravitational power, our great and terrible considerations arrive at Saturn, which generally offers us a fortunate or unfortunate outcome in return. Shani Dev is extremely kind and if you don't cheat anybody or don't do bad form to anybody, he won't ever make you miserable.

To worship Shani Dev you should start right on time and scrub down. For, at that point, set a black cloth on a wooden board and spot a sculpture of Shani Dev. Light a Diya of both unadulterated ghee and oil. Offer panchagavya, panchamrut, scent, a blue or dark bloom, Gulal, vermilion, Kumkum to Shani Dev. From that point onward, serenade Shanti Mantra and after that Satyam Maharaj's Aarti should be read.


  • On this day, Shani Shanti puja or havan ought to be finished.

  • The puja ought to be acted in Navgraha sanctuaries or any Shani temple.

  • On this day, the symbol at home or sanctuary is cleaned with Ganga Jal, oil, and water.

  • The idol is offered jewelry of nine valuable diamonds or blossoms and puja is performed.

  • Shani stotra or Shanti way ought to be perused after puja to if it's not too much trouble, Lord Shani with the goal that there is no deterrent in one's development.

  • It is accepted that giving black clothes, black til (sesame), or mustard oil will assist one with making their life hassle-free.