Rudrabhishek Puja

Rudrabhishek Puja

Rudrabhishek puja is worshipping Lord Shiva in his Rudra or Rudram structure. It is a custom to please Lord Shiva, Lord Shiva. Rudra is one of the famous names of Lord Shiva. The word Rudra is referenced in the Vedas and is accepted to be centered around the scary, forceful and disastrous side of the nature of Lord Shiva.

Key Insights

  • To achieve victory over evil power and any sort of risk.

  • Performed to eliminate the Negative impacts of Nakshatras.

  • Done on a favorable day in view of conference from Astrologer.

  • Milk, water, honey, curd, ghee, and Panchamrit are used.

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It is viewed as one of the best, most perfect, and most convincing customs in Hinduism. A Shivalinga is washed in water which is ceaselessly poured over it, with the backup of the reciting of Vedic mantra called the Rudra Suktha. Master Shiva is loved by giving him a consecrated shower with milk, water, honey, curd, ghee, and Panchamrit

Numerous fans trust that as opposed to doing a normal puja or a standard puja, in the event that puja is done uniquely, there are additional odds of getting adoration and favors from God. On account of Rudrabhishek puja as well, there 6 strengths. How about we get to them individually.

  • Jal (Water) Abhishek:- According to sacred books, assuming Jalabhishek is done the Lord Shiva prizes with great vridhti and satisfies one's desires. Vrishti implies more water.

  • Dudh (Milk) Abhishek:- If a devotee pours milk on the shivling and reveres him then, at that point, it is accepted that he gets life span as a prize.

  • Shahad (Honey) Abhishek:- Shahad implies honey in Hindi. On the off chance that an aficionado loves the Shivling with honey, he can carry on with his life openly and joyfully. He is liberated from life's inconveniences in general and disasters.

  • Panchamrit Abhishek:- Panchamrit is mixed with 5 distinct components in particular milk, curd, sugar treats, honey, and ghee. These 5 components together structure the panchamrit. They are poured on the Shivling and Lord Shiva is revered. It is accepted that the enthusiast is honored with riches and success.

  • Ghee Abhishek:- This forestalls any type of sickness or actual issues from falling on the lover.

  • Dahi Abhishek:- This assists a childless couple with having a kid.


  • Making of joy at the palace.

  • Achievement in education, position, and profession.

  • Agreeable connections.

  • Disposal of financial difficulties.

  • Removal of doshas.

  • Getting harmony and agreement in our abodes.

  • End of health-associated issues.

  • Favoring an individual with a solid brain and positive soul.

  • Minimalize the malefic/insidious impact of the afflicted moon.

  • For Bringing peace, flourishing