Ketu Grah Puja

Ketu Grah Puja

Ketu represents the execution of Karmic accumulation both good and bad, spirituality and supernatural forces and events. Ketu is the head and the other is the tail. One should worship Ketu to restore harmony and make balance. Ketu is the lower part of the celestial snake which causes great impediments in your paths. It sets up traffic jams and roadblocks in your journey of life and causes pain. Basically, Ketu wants to change your psyche and also wants you to learn to leave your excess baggage of past Karma behind

Key Insights

  • The performer of the home will be relieved from the fear of mind.

  • Sins of past life will vanish.

  • The smoke of the home will destroy the evil spirits and fill the entire atmosphere with positivity.

  • The performer will be able to make the right decisions at the right time as his body, mind, and soul are purified after the home is accomplished.

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  • Pooja Per Hour500


It is believed that Rahu-Ketu is a follower of Saturn and if the head is Rahu then Ketu is the body. In fact, Srimad Bhagavata Maha Puran mentions the saga of the Samundra Manthan. It states that for the nectar there was a treaty between the gods and the demons and in view of that, there was a sea churning. After this, the process of churning Samundra started with full enthusiasm. Finally, God Dhanvantari appeared with a vase of nectar in his hand. Seeing the nectar, there was chaos between the demons and the gods. Everyone wanted to get the nectar. Sensing the situation, Lord Vishnu took the form of Mohini and took the initiative to distribute the nectar. The demons were fascinated by seeing Lord Narayan in the form of Mohini. During this time Lord Vishnu seated both the gods and the demons in separate rows. After this, he started giving drinking nectar to the Devas.

Now begins the real story of the existence of Rahu & Ketu. A monster named Swarbhanu was also sitting in the line of demons, In such a situation, he took the form of the gods and sat secretly with the sun and moon gods. As soon as he got the Amrit paan, the sun and moon god recognized him and revealed to Lord Vishnu in the form of Mohini. before this Lord Vishnu removed Swarbhanu Amrit from his neck and severed his head from his Chakra. Because his mouth tasted the nectar, Swarbhanu's head became immortal. The legend tells that Lord Brahma connected the head of the immortal Swarbhanu with the body of a snake, this body is called Rahu and his body was joined to the head of the snake which is called Ketu.


  • One should worship Rahu & Ketu to restore harmony and make balance.

  • Rahu helps you to achieve and to conquer insatiable desire.

  • Ketu helps you to produce in you the enlightenment which leads you to true enlightenment and honor.

  • Ketu wants to change your psyche and also wants you to learn to leave your excess baggage of past Karma behind.