Guru Chandal Dosh Puja

Guru Chandal Dosh Puja

Guru Chandal dosha is framed by the relationship of the Guru and Rahu in the horoscope in any way. Affected by the shadow planet Rahu, the Guru additionally gives ominous outcomes. Chandal Dosh is viewed as horrendous than Sadesati, Kalsarp Dosh, and Mangal Dosh. In the event that in the first horoscope Guru is set at the Lagna, fifth, seventh, ninth, or tenth house and makes Chandal yoga, then, at that point, such individuals need to struggle a ton throughout everyday life.

Key Insights

  • Astrology Guru services guarantee that every minister takes a Sankalp prior to beginning the puja with betel leaf, betel nut, blossom, and little qty. of rice.

  • Since our all ministers are Kashi prepared and are started, consequently once the Sankalpa is taken separately by them, they will undoubtedly finish the expressed number Japas positively.

  • On account of the greater part of different sites doing pujas, typically all intellectuals try not to take such sort of Sankalp and there is a solid probability that they don't finish the expressed Japa.

  • Henceforth the beneficial outcome of the puja won't be capable by the enthusiast.

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There are numerous such yogas in astrology that have an exceptionally adverse consequence on people. One of these Kuyoga is Guru-Chandal Yoga. The individual who has the horoscope of Guru Chandal Yoga ie Guru-Rahu is an individual who is brutal, sly, and poor.

Such an individual is a conspirator, envy, malignance, deceit, fraud, and so on Assuming the Chandal Dosh in the horoscope, the individual plans, takes on untrustworthy conduct, and his personality falls. Aside from this, Rahu - robbery, betting, theory, inclination to obtain cash in deceptive ways, advance savage conduct including liquor addiction, and so forth propensities are taken on. Ordinarily in life, one needs to experience the ill effects of wrong choices. There is the possibility of a catastrophe for the renown. There are numerous strategies for love for the avoidance of Chandal dosha. The best technique is the regulation performed by Vedic mantras-Chandal Dosh NIwaran Puja. The nine planets are pacified by their mantras for the peace of the Chandal dosha.


  • By performing this puja or custom, your significant work is finished.

  • With the impact of this puja, all the stalled works you have been finished.

  • Physical and mental concerns disappear.

  • Peacify the Guru and Rahu planets.

  • A wide range of obstacles coming in work, vocation, and life is survived.

  •  It lessens the evil impacts of Rahu and Ketu on Brihaspati or Guru.

  • It makes one genuinely stronger and gives mental peace.