Bhumi Puja

Bhumi Puja

Bhoomi pooja is a custom performed to pay tribute to Goddess Bhoomi and Vastu Purush (the divinity of bearings). Bhoomi implies Mother Earth. The Purpose: This pooja is accepted to eradicate the evil impacts and Vastu doshas in the land and make it ready for smooth development.

Key Insights

  • This Bhoomi pooja custom is devoted to Vastu Purusha, Goddess Bhoomi, Pancha boothas (the five components of nature). 

  • This pooja takes place as per Vastu Shastra rules. Likewise, the divinity of bearings is regarded to kill the evil impacts and Vaastu doshas in the land.

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Bhoomi Pooja is constantly acted in the northeast corner of the building site which is viewed as the holy corner. The Reason: The diving of the site should start in the North-East corner to guarantee that the North-East level is consistently lower than the remainder of the site, subsequently permitting morning and steady light into the entire site.

This pooja ought to be finished by the top of the family alongside his significant other. Likewise, this custom of respecting Mother Earth should be done within the sight of a minister. An accomplished cleric will give you every one of the subtleties for a Shubh Muhurat of the pooja. He can likewise assist with doing the undertaking in the correct manner.

The ideal months are: Shravan, Margshirsh, Paush, and Kartik are great for Bhoomi pooja.

Date: Vastu time directs the date for Bhoomi puja. Commonly it falls two times a month.

The ideal days are: The appropriate workdays for this pooja are Monday and Thursday. These two days are extremely propitious for this pooja. Likewise, one should try not to play out this pooja on Saturdays, Sundays, and Tuesdays.

Pakshas: It is smarter to keep away from, Divaskarma, Hadpaksha, and Shraadh paksha for such favorable movement.


  • It is really important to look for the blessings of Mother Earth preceding the construction of a structure or utilization of land for the development reason. 

  • This ceremonial pooja sanitizes the site and guarantees that the land is freed of the relative multitude of disasters and the negativities from the land are diminished. 

  • Besides, the Bhoomi Pooja helps in the smooth finish of work with no obstacles.

  • The Reason: It gives business to the Priests however more significantly, by playing out the pooja, the proprietor can mentally feel that the prosperity of his family and health is ensured. 

  • In the event that the land is used for farming purposes, then, at that point, the pooja is accepted to guarantee better yields.