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  • What is MyAstrologyGuru?

    MyAstrologyGuru is an astrology-based web portal for online Astrology solutions. We have renowned Astrologers from all over India with years of experience and providing solutions through Indian as well as Western Astrology. Get the best predictions of the future about health, career, marriage, love life, overall chat, query, or report.

  • Do I have to pay to register as a member?

    No, it’s absolutely FREE. You don’t have to pay for registering with us.

  • Is the site fully Free? If No, what is Free and What is Paid?

    The site is accessible free to all users without any payment obligations. But to connect with the astrologer you need to pay a certain amount of fees.

  • How can I join MyAstrologyGuru?

    Click on the Login Option shown on the home page and then at the below side, you will get the Registration option, just click it and fill in your details. In this way, you will be a registered member of My Astrology Guru.

  • What is the user information that is collected and stored at your site?

    No specific user identifiable information is ever collected & stored at our site apart from your registration and Kundli making. 

    Even the information asked and stored during registration and Kundli making is maintained to identify you uniquely and provide you with accurate predictions.

     For further information read our privacy policy.

  • Will my personal details be kept confidential?

    Yes, your personal details are in safe hands. MyAstrologyGuru guarantees customer confidentiality. We never share personal details with any other parties. You are free to scroll through our secured website to add or edit your profile at any time.

  • How accurate are the predictions?

    Predictions may differ with the minute change in details as it completely relies on an individual’s natal position of stars and planets at the time of his/her birth. MyAstrologyGuru offers you a platform to interact with India’s most trusted and authentic Astrologers holding expertise in all branches of Astrology. Furnishing correct details may get you closer to accurate predictions.

  • What is a Kundali/ Janam Patrika?

    Kundli or Patrika, known as ‘horoscope’ in English represents an astrological chart or diagram of a person that represents a planetary position at the time of birth of an individual. This is the basis of reading various life aspects of a person.

  • How can wearing a Gemstone help us?

    Gemstones have unique importance. Our 9 Planets are represented by the 9 special Gemstones. They are used to liberate the problems caused by planets. A suitable gemstone brings good luck and fulfills all the desires of the wearer. Gemstones impact the human body through their radiation powers. They possess the innate ability to ward off the negative impact of the planets on human beings.

  • How much time do you take to prepare a customised report?

    After receiving your birth details our website instantly reverts to you with the customised report.

  • I don’t have my Birth Details like the date, time, and place of my birth. How can I know my future?

    Astrology needs your correct date, time, and place of birth to predict your horoscope and future. If you do not know the details then we’ll suggest you switch to Palmistry that predicts your future from the palm.

  • What else can I get from MyAstrologyGuru?

    Apart from astrology services, we also provide you guidance and facility for buying Gemstones, Rudraksha, Powerful Yantra, Crystal, Yantra locket, Rosary, and many more astrology products.

  • My question is not listed here. What to do?

    You are welcome to send us your queries about any clarifications on the site.

    Our response rate is 100% and we usually respond as soon as we can. If you do not get a reply in 48 hours, please escalate and send the query again. We will respond to your queries at the first opportunity as soon as possible.